We help you better understand dentures and how they can help you. Four different types are available:

    • Conventional | Immediate | Uppers | Lowers

      The style of denture used is based on your needs. If all of your teeth have been extracted, conventional dentures will be used once the gum tissue has fully healed. When the teeth are removed the same day and the gums are not yet healed, immediate dentures are used. These protect the gums and allow them to safely heal. Uppers cover the roof of your mouth, or palate. Lowers are horseshoe shaped, allowing space for the tongue. Uppers and lowers are usually flesh colored and made of acrylic.

      Teeth in denture appliances may be made from plastic or porcelain, or sometimes a combination. To allow the appliance to fit better and more securely, we recommend that complete dentures be attached to implants.

      Over time, denture appliances will naturally experience wear and tear and require replacement or re-alignment. Without proper care the jaw may become misaligned, leading to difficulties chewing or speaking. Because of the extraction of the teeth, jaw alignment will change as the bone and gum ridges shrink or recede. It’s important to keep regular appointments to make sure your gums and other tissues remain healthy.

      Worried about eating with dentures? Mini-implants can help stabilize your dentures, and only take about an hour to place. Imagine being able to eat, laugh, and talk without the worry of your denture coming loose…it’s a life changer for patients who struggle with loose, ill-fitting dentures.