Sedation Dentistry


    Going to the dentist is a source of apprehension for many. It is common to avoid the dentist because of past experiences or because of a fear of needles and drills. Sedation dentistry takes the anxiety out of a visit to the dentist.  Dr. Powers at Premier Dental Care provides modern sedation dentistry techniques that make a trip to the dentist a safe, painless, and anxiety-free experience.

    Candidates for Sedation Dentistry

    Some people may even fear going to the dentist because they have sensitive teeth or a touchy gag reflex. Others may not respond well to anesthesia or are overwhelmed by the sights and smells in a dental office. Regardless of the cause of the anxiety, sedation dentistry at Premier Dental Care makes a trip to the dentist relaxing and anxiety-free. As a sedation dentistry expert, Dr. Powers, wants his patients to get maximum results with minimum discomfort.

    About Sedation Dentistry

    Patients can rest assured that all sedation dentistry techniques used by Dr. Powers at Premier Dental Care are completely safe and reliable. Sedation dentistry patients start by taking a mild sedation pill to help them relax before treatment begins. During treatment, a steady supply of oxygen and nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) is administered.

    Dr. Powers, together with his qualified staff, constantly monitors the patient’s responsiveness, oxygen levels, heart rate, and blood pressure during the procedure at Premier Dental Care. Amazingly, patients don’t feel any discomfort throughout the procedure and often have little or no memory of the dental visit. Since the relaxing effects of the sedation medication may take a few hours to wear off, Dr. Powers insists that their patients make arrangements to be driven to and from the dental office.

    Because sedation dentistry with Dr. Powers is so stress free, most patients have several procedures performed in just one trip.

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